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Skin Cleansing Tips

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As pollution levels rise and skin care products are made harder to remove, let's explore a few facial cleansing tips and tricks from Precept Living beauty professionals.

1. Clean your hands first - We know it’s simple, but people often ignore this crucial step. 

2. Understand your facial cleansers - The cleanser market is full with "all-in-one" claims but we should know better. Generally speaking, there are two basic types of cleansers: oil based or water based. You should always use the oil based makeup removers to take off makeup, sunscreen, and facial sebum prior to using water based cleansers. We will follow up with an article specifying the cleanser types soon.

3. Don't ever leave on a "rinse-free" makeup remover.  The impurities on the face need to be properly rinsed off, and we shouldn't be that lazy.  

4. Establish a consistent daily cleansing routine - Don't overdo it! The number of washes per day should be according to your skin type and surrounding climate. The rule of thumb is to clean your skin twice a day with proper skin cleansers unless you have sensitive or dry skin.

5. Wash with "lukewarm" water - Many of us were once confused about "lukewarm" temperature.  The perfect washing temperature ranges between 75 - 105 degrees or close to your body temperature. You may always splash some cold water on your face after cleansing.  It's refreshing, but it won't actually close your pores.

6. Clean your face after you shower- You may remove makeup or sunscreen prior to showering, but it is preferred to rinse your face with water based cleanser after you shower.  Shampoo and conditioner residue left behind after your shower may form deposits on your skin and clog pores.

7. Blot your skin dry with a clean towel - Don't let your guard down and be gentle to your face.  Always finish with a clean towel. 

8. Apply skin essences and seal your skin - Treat your delicate skin FIRST with concentrated Precept Living skin essence in the corresponding treatment area, and then apply a top layer of essence seal as a breathable second skin to lock in the essence while minimizing the impurities that enter your pores.



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