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Q1: How do I use Persona Collection?

Twice a day. After cleansing, treat your delicate skin first with concentrated skin essence in their corresponding treatment area, and then apply choice of your favorite moisturizer to finalize your treatment routine. For optimum result, use our Total Hydration Essence Seal to lock in the actives as the final layer of your daily beauty routine. 

Q2: Does it make any difference to apply skin essences and the moisturizer separately?

Absolutely YES. The typical skin treatment products contains a mixture of skin care actives with other ingredients such as oil, film former, and thickeners...etc. These components often trap the skin care actives or block their pathway on the skin surface.  A two-steps system also provides you the flexibility to incorporate the actives in your existing beauty routine. 

Q3: How should I use Persona I Collection Sample?

Persona I Collection Sample can be used as a 1 month facial treatment to improve the appearance of minor to moderate wrinkles. Use TWO ampoules of Persona I Age-Defying Essence per week, and then seal the essence by the Total Hydration Essence Seal.

Q4: Define positive results?  How long lock in the actives for maximum delivery it take to work?

Postive results include intensive hydration, more even skin tone, smoother skin surface, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and skin firmness. 97% of the users experienced immediate improvement in skin hydration and skin tone after first treatment. 95% of the users commented on positive refinement of the skin surface as short as one week.